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Travel Agency 101: How to put up a travel agency in the Philippines?

A travel agency is a business that deals in selling travel-related products and services on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, hotels, resorts, cruises, tour operators  land transportation, trains, etc.  It is also seen as a place or establishment where people can secure information, expert counselling and make arrangements for travel by air, sea or land to any point in the world. This type of business was said to have first started in the mid 19th century when Thomas Cook  first organized a one-day excursion in open carriages of Midland Railway company carrying a group of 500 passengers for the price...

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By the way, what’s “travel trade”?

Travel Trade means many things to many people in the tourism industry. But a simple definition is: “people and companies that resell travel products  that they have bought and/or reserved from other parties”. Source: the Tourism Company Yes! Termwiki defines travel trade as the collective term for tour operators, wholesalers and travel agents. Travel trade is the distribution network for travel as composed of these business entities. Yes again! This blogsite will primarily talk about tour operators, wholesalers and travel agents; how to form one if you are planning to, things that you need, products you can sell, marketing tools you can...

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Philippine Tourism Investment Choices: By Special Segments

Sharing here tourism special segment markets to choose for investment. You can consider tour guiding or putting up business  which caters to any of the following niche markets. Divers Typically: young, male, single, regular travelers Diving is the main motivation for travelling to the destination. The fame of the under water world and the pristine biodiversity are the reasons for travelling to the Philippines   Adventure  Experiences Adventure tourists want to experience remote and unexplored areas while undertaking soft or hard adventure activities.     Shopping, Leisure and Entertainment Tourists Shopping, Leisure & Entertainment Tourism is a relatively young breed of tourist,...

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Travel Business 101 : Understanding Travel Agency Business

Travel Business 101 : Understanding Travel Agency Business

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