In my quest to serve my readers in their travel business quest, I set off to find a company that conducts a seminar on how to put up a travel agency in the Philippines. First off, this seminar is facilitated by practitioners in the industry, meaning they speak from experience and actual situations. Second, it is entrep oriented, speakers present a realistic analysis on how are you going to get your ROI and still enjoy your passion. Note that I did not only research this, I attended the seminar myself, despite the fact that I know the industry because  my thrust is to refer my blog readers to a reliable and reasonable training program.

This seminar will be able to equip you with the knowledge of the following:
1.What is a Travel Agency?
2.Why is it a Good Business?
3.What’s the current set-up of the Philippines travel business industry?
4.What are the current trends in the Philippine travel industry?
5.What is the difference between IATA and NON- IATA?
6.What are the services a travel agency can offer?
7.How much is the capital in setting up a fully operational travel agency business?
8.How do you earn in a travel agency business?
9.Who is the business suited to?
10.How do you begin?
11.How can we help you set up your own travel agency business? [Whether home-based travel agency or in-store travel agency]

The seminar is held every Saturday in Pasig City and  costs P3,000 inclusive of snacks, lunch, handouts and a certificate! If you want to avail of a special rate at 50% off, sign up in the following form so I can refer you to avail of the negotiated price.

Note, again, this blog is in no way connected to this company. However so far this is the seminar that offers a great overview of the industry and giving a glimpse on the entrepreneurial side of this kind of business.

Please expect a confirmation email from this blog, as well as follow up email from the seminar company.



We have stopped promoting this seminar, please sign up instead in this link